Barnaby Birkbeck, CEO & Founder of Electric Car Converts


“I run a start-up called Electric Car Converts, we convert classic cars and Land Rovers to electric power. As a group of engineers, marketing isn’t our strong suit, so I was looking for ways to reliably improve website traffic and sales leads, whilst maintaining start-up budget restrictions. 

I found Kira on LinkedIn after I found myself reading one of her interesting blogs about search engine optimization. I googled my business and found that we were a couple of pages back. Considering that I myself never venture beyond the first page of a google search, I believe my customers wouldn’t either!

I’ve had a bad experience with paid ads and marketing on Facebook/Instagram, and had decided that my target client base knew what they were looking for, and therefore would be googling – so I decided to use Kira and her SEO services as my standalone marketing function. We literally do 0 other paid marketing.

I think I started off paying a couple of hundred pounds a month, and within my first month with her I had sold a conversion off the back of a google search (I always ask clients how they found us). It was a little red Fiat 500 from about 20 miles away, who would never have found my company otherwise. Obviously, the profit margins on that £30,000 project were significantly more than the hundreds I paid Kira to get this result for me.

With this success I ramped up my budget and retainer with Kira and over the last two years she has moved my site to being one of the very top rankings on pretty much all the search terms I go for. We haven’t looked back and Kira has enabled us to have a long waiting list, meaning I am never worried about when the next pay cheque arrives. 

Working with Kira keeps me on my toes, she’s always in my inbox, on the phone to me or on my WhatsApp, which is the way I like it because it means I can keep a keen eye on progress and the numbers (which to be honest I think she is even more interested in than me!). Saying this, however, I’m an engineer, and usually laying underneath a car so prefer to leave it all up to her. I think my general response to her emails is “approved, go for whichever option you think is best!”

There are a lot of SEO ‘experts’ out there, guaranteeing you thousands of hits a month, so it was a bit of a minefield for me to find a consultant as the industry doesn’t instill much trust for me. Kira however does it the legitimate way, she pushes me to/helps me create amazing content, is a guru on the back end of the site, has contacts in all the right places for affiliate links (+ much more stuff I don’t understand) and beyond the scope of what I pay her to do, she helps me with the little website updates and changes that I need super quickly. She’s prompt, on the ball and I couldn’t recommend her enough. 

The critic in me wants to convince you that this is not a fake review (like so many are!) so please feel free to call me or email me on my details below if you’d like to hear it directly.”

Barnaby Birkbeck


Electric Car Converts Ltd

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