About Me

Kira Khoroshilova, SEO Specialist & Founder of Diary Of An SEO Limited 

Who I am

I am an SEO specialist with a burning passion for SEO, driven by a relentless desire to unlock the full potential of every website I work on and help clients achieve the most out of their online presence. 

My mission

My mission is to help businesses excel in the digital landscape by ranking them in top positions on Google. My competitive spirit will ensure that your competition is left in the dust. 

What I do

Kira Khoroshilova, Founder of Diary Of An SEO

My SEO journey started when I was volunteering in Africa for one year during COVID. I was helping an Egyptian millionaire work on his website by writing SEO-optimised content. Back then, I wasn’t exactly sure what SEO stood for, but after reading more about it, I thought it was an incredibly interesting craft and so the journey began. 

I worked for a few agencies since then, my last one being in the heart of Cheltenham, UK, where I was the Head of SEO and led a wonderful team, working with global corporations and high-calibre brands, which helped me become the specialist I am today. 

I have always wanted to start my own business, and this felt like the perfect opportunity. My values are deeply rooted into all my SEO processes, and I make sure to always leave a personal touch and build a strong relationship with each of my clients. For me, it is much more about growing with the business, and leading companies to success through SEO, and building rapport for years to come. 

  • Honesty
  • Friendship
  • Results
  • Quality
  • Great vibes 

These are my company values, I think the above are most important for a great working relationship and results in delivery. 

My Process


Initial Consultation & Free Audit

I will conduct a free initial consultation and website audit, after which we can decide whether my SEO services are the best option for your business.


Proposal & Agreement

Once I understand the needs of your business, I will create a bespoke SEO proposal that will suit your needs and budget


Research & Development

This stage involves my doing extensive research around your industry and business, to understand search trends, competitors and potential keyword ranking possibilities; everything that your site will need to succeed.



Nothing will ever go on your site without your input and approval. We will have frequent communication to ensure that all work has the green light from you, the big boss!



This is the first of many stages of implementation, where all the ‘quick-win’ opportunities are optimised on the site. There will be numerous stages of implementation during our work together.


Maintenance & Testing

SEO can take up to 12 months to reap the full benefits, and is a marathon, not a sprint! I will be evaluating the results of the changes implemented, which will be recorded with a monthly organic data report sent to you every month.

Why Choose me?

Expertise & Excellence are at the forefront of my SEO research and strategy, and  I will work to ensure that you see the best results possible for your domain.

I will be honest and transparent with monthly progress, so you get the most accurate progress of your domain

You will have access to my WhatsApp number and will be able to contact me during working hours to get a quicker response, we will also have frequent catch up calls to discuss your domain’s progress.

I have years of experience in organic search and have brought hundreds of sites to fame over the years, and will be able to skyrocket yours too.

SEO is a long term strategy and is considered one of the most sustainable ways to grow long term traffic to your domain. I will never overcharge you for organic search services, and will be honest about the number of hours your site requires monthly to reap the benefits.

Some numbers:

The proof is in the pudding

1 +
Satisfied Clients
100 +
Projects Completed
1 +
1st position rankings

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