SEO Services

I provide a wide range of SEO services to help you in any scenario

SEO Assisted Site Migration

Thinking of migrating your site? This requires the assistance of an SEO specialist to ensure that you do not lose rankings and traffic during the transition

Analytics Tool Set up

Data analytics setup service, helping businesses harness the power of data by implementing analytics tools and frameworks to track, measure, and optimise their online performance.

Ad Hoc Projects

Would you like a one-off SEO project? I offer ad hoc, non-binding projects to help you get on your way to improving organic traffic.

SEO Consulting

I provide consulting services and will work with your in-house marketing team to give them actionable tips on improving your business’ organic presence.

SEO for All Industries

I have a breadth of experience in boosting organic traffic for businesses in all industries, by doing extensive research and evaluating your business’ organic positions prior to building a comprehensive strategy.

Content SEO

I will develop a full commercial and informative content strategy to improve your sites online visibility and guide you to getting the best results through well-researched, targeted content

My customers

I am proud to have worked with the following companies

“You’ve just sold me another car you f*cking legend”

Electric Car Converts started as a 0-traffic, 0-keyword client, selling classic cars that are converted to electric power. Fast forward 12 months, Barnaby’s site rakes in tens of thousands of sessions per month, is ranking for over 900 industry-relevant keywords and has become one of the industry leaders in electric car conversions.
Barnaby Birkbeck
CEO, Electric Car Converts

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